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Digital Marketing is a serious marketing channel and companies that don’t view their SEO campaigns as a valuable asset are missing out on big dollars. Franklin Digital has been providing bleeding-edge Search Engine Optimization strategy and services in Philadelphia for over 15 years.  We’ve seen how fleeting the work of cookie-cutter SEO firms are, and take a unique approach to every client based on their budget, existing site performance, and industry.

With a data-driven approach to SEO we’ve spent our time learning what works and what doesn’t – and your business or website can rest assured that you’ll be provided with a time-tested SEO process that’ll continue to drive leads for years to come.  This isn’t some secret process we’ve developed over the years – it’s based in real world data and marketing – and we’re happy to give you an idea of what that entails.

Well quite simply we think you’ll like us and you’ll like the results we get.  Helping our clients understand our process and SEO as a whole only helps drive better results.  We love clients who come to us with goals, opportunities, and even off the wall ideas that our team can quickly bring into execution.  Above all we’re passionate about what we do and want to deliver results you’ll be telling your friends about.

We Get Results.

Consistent growth in our ranks and traffic is great news – but getting that traffic converting is what drives leads to our clients and helps their business grow.

We're Transparent.

There’s no secret code to SEO and we know every campaign hits it’s off-months.  Helping you understand our process helps us build better SEO campaigns.

And It Shows.

Our clients stay with us for the long haul – without long-term contracts.  We’ve also picked up some awards from trusted sources along the way.

The basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are far from complicated and any SEO provider or consultant that tells you they have some sort of “proprietary code” or a “cousin that’s an insider at Google” should be a red flag to run in the other direction.  There’s no secret code to jump you to the first page, and if any insider were to ever leak Google’s algorithm you’d hear it from the New York Times – not some SEO consultant.

Google takes hundreds if not thousands of signals from your and your competitor’s websites to determine which result is going to best serve the searcher’s needs and does their best to serve that result.  The time of gaming the search results has long passed – it takes a healthy mix of traditional digital marketing activities to send these positive signals to Google’s search algorithm.  At it’s most basic – you can distill SEO down to three main categories:

Technical SEO

Technical SEO looks in-depth at how (at a code level) your site is interacting with Google’s crawlers, as well as your visitors.  Your site’s load times, usability on mobile devices, site-hierarchy, as well as a number of even more in-depth technical factors all play a role in how Google ranks your website.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to almost every feature visible on your website that we can control, and would also impact rankings or conversion rates.  Think about the title of your page, how the headings on your site are structured, how much copy you have on your page, whether your updating your blog – all of these are on-page SEO elements.

Off-Page SEO

Often the hardest of these categories to execute successfully, off-page SEO refers to how websites beyond the one you own are interacting with your website.  This activity – such as backlinking, social sharing, commenting on, or even discussing your website all sends strong signals to Google that your site is one to be trusted.

Each of these categories work in tandem to send a collective picture to Google’s crawlers about how easily navigable your website is (technical), whether it’s providing valuable information (on-page) as well as whether third party sources (off-page) trust you.  While each site is going to have different needs in each of these three categories, spending time focusing on each one during a campaign ensures a healthy mix of beneficial activity.

So how do we do it?  Is a big secret all SEO firms have?  Not at all – signals that show Google a website is growing and providing trustworthy and reliable content are exactly the same signals a standard digital marketing campaign would emit.  When you visit a website what strikes you that they’ll be a good choice to work with?  The design?  The content on the page?  Is the site all messed up on your phone?  

Any solid SEO campaign is going to be built on top of a broader digital strategy.  This is why many SEOs are starting to shift to the term “inbound marketing” to describe the practice.  

While there are broad proven SEO strategies that every campaign consists of – it’s important that we tailor our efforts to where your customers are.  The needs of a local business are far different than an eCommerce store with 300K products.  But no matter the business type – all campaigns generally follow the same pattern:

Baseline Tracking & Analytics Setup

There’s little room for gut decisions in a field where every user’s click can be tracked, so one of our first steps is to carefully audit every aspect of your current’s site tracking, and make sure that we have full end-to-end tracking enabled for every phone call, form fill, or purchase that makes it’s way through your website.  This includes Google Analytics, Google Search Console, rank tracking, click and event tracking, phone call tracking, and form fill tracking.  Bringing leads to your site is our first priority – so full transparency in your reports are paramount.  

Keyword and Competitive Research

It’s rare that companies that have already secured spots in the top 3 search results are seeking SEO agencies, so when a client comes to us with a competitor they have their eyes on we listen!  Mixing the input and industry experience of our clients and the results our exhaustive research yields opportunities that even the newest websites can start to capitalize on within a few months time.

Content Audit & Strategy Development

 Content plays a vitally important role in any website, and any SEO agency that fails to include a content strategy and development component to their services is missing out on enormous potential for growth.  Having already researched the “low hanging fruit” keywords we build a unique strategy for each client based on existing and future goals.  Focusing on providing valuable and high converting content allows our published articles and service pages to continue driving traffic to your website years down the line.

Technical and UX / Design Audit

No site is built perfectly and so a crucial step of our process is to run your website through an in-depth technical and UX audit which can help our team identify (and then fix) elements of your website’s design that may impair both crawlers, and real users.  We know that not everyone can afford to redesign a website when starting an SEO contract, so we can work in incremental steps to improve the amount of traffic your site can convert by making high-impact changes to your call to action elements.

Link Outreach and Acquisition

 Building trust in Google’s algorithm inevitably involves building links, and we’ve seen our fair share of competitors resort to spammy and blackhat linking practices that provide short term gains at the expense of Google penalties over the long term.  Our linkbuilding processes are natural and built to last.  To date no client of Franklin Digital has ever had to deal with any sort of Google penalty – we build links you’d be glad to bring home to Mom.

Report, Refine, and Repeat

 Transparency is paramount, and each month we connect with each client to review the KPI’s we determined to be most important and review your ranks, traffic, leads, offsite work, and most importantly the impact you’re seeing in your business.  

We can’t claim that every month sees only positive results – no digital marketing firm should.  When our data shows problems we come to you with solutions we’ve already been taking.  

Consulting & Analysis

Not every company needs a full-service SEO solution so we’ve developed flexible consulting packages that allow your team to draw on our experience when you need it.  Our focus on high-level strategy and implementation guides keeps our billed hours low and your team productive.

Full-Service Solutions

Our full-service solutions can give you the benefits of an in-house marketing team without needing to hire and train the personnel.  Let our hand-picked team of developers, designers, SEO’s, and writers give you foundation to start growing your business through our easily scaled solutions.

Technical Optimization

SEO isn’t just keywords and backlinks and we have a deep understanding of the front and backend issues that can hold back a campaign. Whether you’re knee deep in a URL migration, struggling to get your site to load faster, or dealing with a buggy server we’ve got you covered.

Content Publishing & Strategy

No organic SEO strategy will work without a well thought out and developed content strategy.  Our in-house writers have a deep understanding of the industries they write for which allows us to feature clients in publications such as Forbes, Yahoo, USAToday, Vice, and the Huffington Post.

Conversion Optimization & Testing

Improving your website shouldn’t be a guessing game – there’s hard data behind almost every type of user behavior. Without regular conversion testing and analysis business owners are missing out on an easy way to improve the performance of their campaign without raising the budget.

AdWords Management

Too many site owners are wasting valuable AdWords traffic by driving visitors to poorly performing and poorly tracked landing pages.  Even our cheapest AdWords management package provides a custom designed and conversion test ready landing page served on your own domain.

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