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The legal industry has always been one of the most competitive markets to crack in Google’s search results, and our experience working with some of the largest criminal and personal injury firms in the US have given us insight into what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to ranking your firm’s website.

Your potential clients have hundreds of choices at their fingertips when choosing an attorney, so making sure your firm can attract the cases it needs relies on a multi-faceted approach to your law firm’s SEO.  Focusing on local optimization, establishing your lawyers as content experts, and maintaining your firm’s presence both in the search engines and on high performing referral sites can provide a long-lasting addition to your marketing mix.

Well quite simply we think you’ll like us and you’ll like the results we get.  Our team got their start as in-house law firm SEOs, and have seen the sustainable results and consistent growth that a well thought out SEO campaign can drive to your law firm.  We don’t just want to send you a spreadsheet of keywords every month – we take a deep look at your entire intake process and make sure we can track every case you sign to a visit.  Above all we think choosing our team comes down to three reasons:

We Get Results.

We have yet to come across a law firm we couldn’t start delivering consistent organic traffic growth to within three months.  

We're Transparent.

If we notice a problem we’ll come to you first with a solution.  The better you understand our process the better your campaign runs.

And It Shows.

Even without long-term contracts we find ourselves working with attorneys for the long-haul and trusted by top review sources.

SEO for attorneys is not some secret process – at it’s most basic it’s making sure that your website is technically sound, providing great content, and other websites are noticing you for it.  Easier said than done, but these three main aspects of your site are where we focus our hours.  We start every campaign by running a full technical SEO  and tracking audit on your domain which we then have our developers focus on in prioritized order.  Meanwhile we focus on the industry leaders in your specific geographic and practice area and get an idea of what’s driving those results in your area.  Tailoring our campaign to quickly catch up to – and then hopefully overtake – these local leaders allows us to start driving local leads as quickly as we can.

Analytics Tracking and Lead Intake Audit

Can you definitively tell where your inbound leads are coming from and what kind of monetary return your law firm is getting from existing referral or organic traffic sources?  We start off every campaign with an exhaustive audit of your existing Google Analytics. Search Console, rank tracking, phone tracking, and form tracking in order to make sure our reporting is 100% accurate.      

UX and Technical Audit

Once we’ve researched and established our main strategic goals with your SEO campaign our team moves onto streamlining the experience both users and Googlebots have when crawling your website.  Small data-drive changes can have a large impact on your site’s conversion rates, and in the legal field every lead matters.    Meanwhile, our team continually works behind the scenes to make sure your site easily accessible by crawlers and using the latest techniques to make sure you are using every feature available in the search engine results.

Keyword Research and Competitive Intelligence

It’s no secret that legal keywords are saturated with big players – national law firms, large legal directories, as well as pay to play referral sources.  While we tailor our strategy to the size and current position of your firm’s website, our keyword strategy revolves around finding low hanging fruit your firm can seize on fast as we work long term to establish your presence for more competitive keywords.

A Content Strategy Designed to Educate

Franklin Digital focuses first on identifying and filling your website’s weak spots.  It’s all too often we come across legal websites with copy written 15 years ago, and taking the time to optimize your existing pages can mean big improvements quickly.  From there our team looks to establish your firm as experts that can educate clients before they may even need an attorney by researching and building knowledge bases designed to rank and convert your potential clients.

Legal Specific Link Outreach and Acquisition

Law firm websites reply on a unique blend of referral, local directory, and legal specific backlinks that continually show up when analyzing the backlink profiles of high ranking law firms.  We use a tried and true approach to naturally build long lasting and high value backlinks that bring traffic and leads to your website – not just useless traffic.  To date our approach has never elicited any sort of penalty from Google.

Transparent and Easy to Digest Reporting

We report monthly on the KPIs that matter to your firm in an easy to digest report that highlights the performance of your ranks, traffic, leads, and referral performance.  No agency should claim a flawless record – if we see a metric start to fall you’ll know immediately and we’ll come prepared with a solution.   

As any SEO campaign matures even more opportunities can open up – especially once we see the process working.  Focusing on highly specialized practice areas, opening new offices to expand geographically, creating long-form content assets such as eBooks or knowledge bases can all help keep your traffic and ranks growing.

In general most legal SEO campaigns start seeing a statically significant increase in organic leads around the 6-8 month mark.  This is a conservative estimate, as in our experience an established website for a law firm can rank much quicker – especially if they had been writing content previously, or had an already well ranking domain.  

Brand new domains can take much longer, as we need to build up the entire web presence of the firm from scratch.  What’s good about this is we do have a chance to do it right the first time, but traffic and ranks will take longer to build up to the point where consistent leads are coming in – the work involved to increase the traffic to a site from 0 to 500 hits per month is considerably more than driving traffic from 500 to 1500 hits per month.

While these estimates are based around organic leads, there are plenty of indicators that your campaign is moving in the right direct before you see a phone or form lead come through. Generally this progress follows the progression below – all of which are main KPIs our campaigns focus on:

First Sign: Keyword Rankings

We track your entire organic footprint, as well as a targeted list of low, mid, and high-volume keyword goals.  Rankings for your goal terms won’t happen overnight, but even at an early stage you should be seeing your organic ranks for some target terms start to increase.  They may not drive traffic yet, but a good sign to see.

Second Sign: Organic Traffic

As you begin to settle into a consistent pattern of publishing and campaign refinement you should consistently be seeing steady growth in your organic traffic from month to month.  Generally pages like blog posts may see more traffic initially, as practice areas take longer to rank.

Third Sign: Phone Calls & Form Fills

While there’s no magic traffic number to reach, you can generally expect around 1% of your visitors to be contacting you either by form, email, or chat intake.  This number changes drastically by practice area, but is an estimate based on our experience in the field. 

By the time you are seeing steady leads come through your website you should have a clear idea of where they are coming from, what kind of pages they are coming from, and whether these are turning into leads.  Once you can properly assess the actual dollar value of some of these signed cases to your firm, you can begin to fully look back and understand just how valuable each visit and lead is.

Local SEO for Law Firms

Whether your have dozens of locations or just one shingle the importance of maintaining an accurate local presence can have a big impact on your inbound leads.  We keep these accounts under your control so your firm will have everything you need to keep your local citations up to date.

Conversion Optimization

Continued multivariate testing is paramount to improving your website, and small data-driven changes can mean big improvements to your website over the months.  Our experience with dozens of law firms has given us insight into what changes make big impacts to your site.

Legal SEO Consulting

Just looking for a trusted source to take your existing strategy to the next step?  We’re always excited to talk shop with attorneys and learn about the unique problems they may be having in their SEO strategy and what kind of successful solutions our team has implemented.  

Law Firm Web Design

Successful SEO campaigns start with our award-winning design services to help deliver a fast loading, mobile friendly, and high converting website you’ll be excited to share.  There’s no weird contracts here – once we launch the site it’s yours entirely and we retain no ownership.

Content Publishing & Strategy

Is your existing content strategy just revolving around a few blog posts when an attorney feel like writing them?  With markets increasingly saturated law firms need to educate their clients before they may even know they need an attorney and establish themselves as experts in the field.  

Law Firm AdWords Management

Too many firms fall into a rut of “setting and forgetting” their AdWords budget.  Your firm’s AdWord spend is up against a the continually changing budgets and strategies of your competitors, so keeping well informed of their actions and using emerging trends can keep your ROI positive. 

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